Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used?
The vLink™ racing computer is a patented system consisting of specialized optics and sophisticated software that uses Optical Navigation Technology (ONT), originally developed by Hewlett-Packard. ONT measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images (frames) and mathematically determining the direction and magnitude of movement. This technology was first used in the optical mouse (an input device for computers).

How accurate is it?
The vLink™ racing computer has a resolution of +/- 0.5 mm (0.02”) and gives repeatable results of +/- 0.5% in straight-line test track verification.

What is the price?
The vLink™ racing computer will retail for $749. Price includes two shuttles, two mounts and the remote. Shuttles contain the optics and measurement electronics and clip into the mounts, which are installed on your skis just behind your boot bindings. The remote starts and stores collected data and provides the audio feedback. Mounts can also be purchased separately for $99 per pair allowing you to use the racing computer with more than one set of skis.

Can I use vLink™ racing computer with multiple pairs of skis?
Yes. You will need a set of mounts per pair. Mounts adhere to the skis with permanent adhesive designed to resist 800 pounds of force. Once installed, mounts cannot be repositioned or reused, so mount sets can be purchased separately. For information regarding installation of the vLink™ racing computer - check out the installation video.

Can the mounts be reused?
No, they are not reusable. The adhesive works only one time.

Can the mounts be removed from the skis without damaging the skis?
Yes. Remove the main screw from the mount and place a screwdriver under one corner of the mount. Carefully lift the corner up and grab the corner with a pair of pliers. Peal the corner back to remove. The ski will not be affected. For information regarding installation of the vLink™ racing computer - check out the installation video.

What skis will the vLink™ racing computer work on?
The vLink™ racing computer will work on most FIS legal racing skis. The only requirement is that the skis be flat behind the heal piece of the binding.

From which ski is the lateral displacement being measured?
The vLink™ racing computer in the normal configuration (mounted on the inside edge of each ski) measures the lateral displacement of the inside edge of the outside ski when that edge is down. The vLink™ racing computer can also be configured to measure the lateral displacement of the outside edge of the inside ski by reversing the skis. It is not recommended that you ski in gates with the vLink™ racing computer in this configuration as hitting a gate may cause damage.

How does the racing computer compare to GPS?
A racer typically makes a turn – edge transition to edge transition - in less than one second. In that second, the racing computer takes 6500 measurements to calculate forward and sideways displacement relative to the axis of the ski. In one second, a standard GPS system will have only measured one point. The racing computer’s resolution is +/- 0.5 millimeters and GPS systems claim accuracy within 3 to 10 meters--fine for mapping, but impossible to calculate with any reasonable accuracy the average or maximum speeds for skiers. Skiers change speed and direction at approximately the same interval that the GPS collects data points. Also, GPS has no way of determining whether a skier is carving or drifting.

What kinds of batteries are used in the vLink™ racing computer?
The shuttles, one mounted to each ski, each use a single AA lithium cell. The remote, carried by the skier, uses two AAA lithium cells. These lithium cells can be found in most grocery and hardware stores and are the disposable type, not the lithium ion rechargeable batteries found in cameras and notebook computers. Rechargeable NiCad and Nickel Metal Hydride cells do not work because of the lower voltage of these cells.

How can I find out more detailed information of the vLink™ racing computer?
The manuals are available to download on-line here. If you are at Mount Hood at a summer camp schedule a vLink™ racing computer test drive.

Is there a way to test drive a vLink™ racing computer?
Please send an email to: requesting a test drive. Someone will be available throughout the summer at Mount Hood to give presentations and test drives. For clubs and larger teams, a representative of Advanced Racing Computers can make special trips to your hill for a presentation and test drives.

Who invented It?
The product was invented by Richard Kirby, an engineer, product manager and avid skier. He was working for Hewlett-Packard and living in the French Alps when he first began its development.

Will training materials be available?
Training exercises and videos are in development with the assistance of sport scientists and elite athletes. Materials will be available on the website for download. The first set of exercises can be found here.

When will the product ship?
The vLink™ racing computer has been shipping since March 2007.

How long is the warranty?
One (1) year parts and labor from the original purchase date. Some limitations apply.

When will a clinic or workshop be in my area?
Click here to sign up or email us about upcoming workshops in your area.



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