Press Releases

US Ski Team Member Stacey Cook uses the vLink™ Racing Computer at New Zealand training camp
AUGUST 10, 2008

Groundbreaking vLink™ Racing Computer Data to Shed New Light
on Ski Race Training at 4th Annual ICSS Conference

DECEMBER 6, 2007

U.S. Ski Team Chooses Advanced Racing Computers as Official Supplier:
Integrates vLink™ Racing Computer in Training of Alpine Ski Racers
FEBRUARY 21, 2007

Advanced Racing Computers Introduces vLink™:
Unique New Training Technology for Alpine Ski Racers Provides Real Performance Data On-Slope
JANUARY 31, 2007


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vLink continues to revolutionize the world of alpine skiing
USSA Sports Science Focus
US Ski Team | November, 2007

With this Corvallis-built gadget on board ... Your skis can talk to you.
By Bennett Hall, Gazette-Times Business Editor
Corvallis Gazette-Times | March 16, 2007

vLink™ Racing Computer Utilized by U.S. Ski Team
U.S Ski | April 12, 2007

US Ski Team

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